Friday, January 19, 2018

I Didn't Say It ....

Martin Luther King III, on _____ and the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday:

“When a president insists that our nation needs more citizens from white states like Norway, I don’t even think we need to spend any time even talking about what it says and what it is. We got to find a way to work on this man’s heart. [Former Alabama Governor] George Wallace was a staunch racist and we worked on his heart and ultimately George Wallace transformed.”

Um, all well and good, but _____ doesn’t want to change because he wants to appease his base of racists and alt-righters.
Jeff Flake, Arizona GOP Senator, on _____’s declaration that media is “the enemy of the people”:

“[He] borrowed that phrase. It was popularized by Josef Stalin, used by Mao as well—enemy of the people. It should be noted that Nikita Khrushchev who followed Stalin, forbade its use, saying that was too loaded and that it maligned a whole group or class of people, and it shouldn’t be done.”

That’s the first line of a dictatorship: malign the media and make the people not to believe what they read, but only what comes from the asshats mouth.
Don’t succumb.
Mia Love, GOP Representative from Utah, on _____’s “shithole” remarks:

“I can’t defend the indefensible. You have to understand that there are countries that struggle out there. But their people, their people are good people and they’re part of us. We’re Americans. I think [his remarks] were [racist], yes.”

Love is the first Haitian-American elected to Congress.
Yes, her family came from a “shithole” country.
Cory Booker, Democratic Senator, and Hottie, from New Jersey, to Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen over her failure to recall whether _____ said “shithole” countries:

“The commander in chief, in an Oval Office meeting, referring to people from African countries and Haitians with the most vile and vulgar language–that language festers. When ignorance and bigotry is alive with power, it’s a dangerous force in our country. Your silence and your amnesia is complicity. When Dick Durbin called me I had tears of rage when I heard about his experience in this meeting, and for you not to feel that hurt and that pain and to dismiss some of the questions of my colleagues … when tens of millions of Americas are hurting right now because of what they’re worried about what happened in the White House, that’s unacceptable to me!”

Word.We all need to be like Cory.
Seth Meyers, on _____ calling himself the “least racist” person ever:

“Why do you do that to yourself, man? If you’d just said, ‘I’m not a racist,’ then maybe you could muddy the waters and people would have to debate it. But when you say ‘the least racist person,’ you just set off alarm bells. It’s the difference between saying, ‘I’m a tall person’ and ‘I’m the tallest person on Earth.’ With one, you go, ‘Yeah, pretty tall, I guess,’ and with the other you go, ‘Oh, he’s crazy.'”

Cuz he is crazy.
And a racist.
Seth Meyers, again, because he’s rocking it lately, on ____’s demands that immigration be merit-based:

“You want immigration to be merit-based? Your job isn’t even merit-based! Your whole life has been the opposite of merit-based. You’re a celebrity billionaire despite the fact that you’ve declared bankruptcy six times and you’re president despite being wildly unqualified. If you want a merit-based immigration system, fine. But then you should have go back to whatever bog your family crawled out of and get in the back of the line.”

Maxine Waters, Democratic Representative from California, saying she will not attend _____’s first State of the Union address following his “shithole” comments:

 “Why would I take my time to go and sit and listen to a liar? Someone who lies in the face of facts, someone who can change their tune day in and day out. What does he have to say that I would be interested in? I don’t trust him, I don’t appreciate him and I wouldn’t waste my time … listening to what he has to say. He does not deserve my attention.”

Unless it’s impeachment, right, Maxine?
Adam Rippon, openly gay U.S. Olympic figure skater, on Vice President Mike Pence leading the U.S. delegation at the Winter Olympics:

“You mean Mike Pence, the same Mike Pence that funded gay conversion therapy? I’m not buying it. If it were before my event, I would absolutely not go out of my way to meet somebody who I felt has gone out of their way to not only show that they aren’t a friend of a gay person but that they think that they’re sick. [And] if he’s okay with what’s being said about people and Americans and foreigners and about different countries that are being called ‘s—holes,’ I think he should really go to church.”

Again, bravo, sir. Stand tall.
Rippon said he might speak to Pence if he felt there was a way to have “an open conversation.”

Thursday, January 18, 2018


Jason Katims, right, the co-creator of Rise, a new show on NBC this March, changed the sexual orientation of the main character in order to connect with the story.

Cuz, you know, connecting with gay people is so hard to do.

Katims adapted the true story of an openly gay high school drama teacher, Lou Volpe, who put on a production of Spring Awakening, but Katims decided to depict the teacher as heterosexual because, as he says, it makes it easier for him “to connect with the story.”

Oh, but never fear, there are some minor gay characters and storylines, you know, the “less than” kind, and Katims has given the no longer gay teacher a “son with a drinking problem” to better connect with audiences.

So, um, I guess having an underaged alcoholic is more acceptable than a gay lead character?

Asshatted South Carolina Republican Congressman, Trey Gowdy, is stepping down from his role on the House Ethics Committee because of, ahem a “challenging workload.”

Gowdy faced criticism last year after it was revealed that he used $150,000 in taxpayer dollars to settle a dispute with a former aide, who had accused him of firing him after the man refused to focus his work on investigating former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Ethics. Gowdy has none.

And while searching for a photo of him for this piece, I realized he doesn’t have a stylist because gurl really needs help with her hair.

In High-larious news, the _____ brand is getting hit hard after the Fat Bastard’s shithole comments about Africa, Haiti, and El Salvador.

_____ hotels across the country are being targeted by Yelp users leaving one–star reviews and describing the facilities as shitholes.

In fact, these new shithole reviews caused the _____ International Hotel in Washington, DC, to temporarily drop to a two–star rating, down from its average of four stars. One David K. from San Antonio said:
“A real shithole. Owned by a malignant racist. Pee on the sheets. KKK in the lobby. Russians all over the place. Sad! Steaks over cooked with ketchup. Bibles in the rooms are missing lots of commandments. Mini-bar only has diet coke and Big Macs. Fourth rate shithole.”
Like I said, high-larious … especially when you add it that artists around the world are using lights to project the word “shithole” onto facades of _____ hotels.

Loving it!
In good news … the chances of _____ facing impeachment are going up with the idea that the Democrats will take back the House this year.

A House Democratic takeover is now highly likely. It would take a flip of just 24 seats for Democrats to take over, and the average loss for the president’s party in his first midterm is about 32 seats; but rumor has it the GOP could lose upwards of 40 seats.

But, and pay attention, this won’t happen unless you register and vote, and get your friends to register and vote.

Send the Fat Bastard packing.
In Stupid News … Paul Ryan—see what I did there—stood on his tippy-toes to announce that in just 20 days, Americans have seen more than 2 million workers getting raises and bonuses.

He forgot to mention that in 20 days, many corporations announced layoffs of employees:
Carrier fired 215 workers
Walmart laid off more than 3,000 workers
Sam’s closed 63 stores, laying off 9,000 people GE laid off 12,00
AT&T 1,300 workers
Tenet Healthcare 2,000 employees laid off
Pfizer 300
Wells Fargo will close 800 branches by 2020
Lyin’ Paul Ryan forgot to mention that.
In more Stupid News … when racist white supremacists Joe Arpaio accepted a pardon from _____ after his conviction for violating a court order, he didn’t realize that by accepting the pardon meant that he admitted the wrongdoing, because, why accept a pardon over something you didn’t do?

When MSNBC’s Ari Melber broke the news to Arpaio, who recently announced his candidacy for United States Senate, Arpaio insisted he did nothing wrong, only for Melber to inform him that he’s already said otherwise.

Last week figure skater Adam Rippon because the first openly gay male athlete to qualify for the Winter Olympics, but now another out gay man is joining him, though he’s competing for Canada.

Eric Radford—who publicly came out in 2014—says he was teased mercilessly as a child, not only because figure skating was considered “gay” but because he had a lisp. Still, he says that being gay in figure skating pairs had its advantages:
 “A lot of pairs end up dating one another. It can become risky because your on-ice training can be affected by your off-ice relationship. If you have a fight at home, it makes that training difficult. I used to joke around that I’m the ultimate pair-boy. I never had to worry about developing an off-ice relationship.”
Radford and his boyfriend had been together four years, are raising a daughter together and now they’re engaged.

Congrats on all fronts!
More Shithole News … a Zambia tourism website appears to have been inspired by _____’s racism and has launched that ad inviting tourists to:
"Visit shithole Zambia ... Where the only stars and stripes you'll have to see are in the sky and on a zebra." 
Okay … Hot men.

We had a trifecta of them when we watched The Girl on the Train, a murder mystery that was not so mysterious as I figured out the ending about a third of the way through.

Yet that did not keep me from enjoying the sights of Luke Evans, and his beautiful rear-end—and it doesn’t hurt that Evans is openly gay—along with the always steamy Justin Theroux and new crush Edgar Ramirez. There were women in the movie, too, I mean, the girl on the train, but it was these three that captured my attention.

Just sayin’

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Architecture Wednesday: A Home on El Cerro de Chipinque

This is a big house—some 10,000 square feet—located next to the northern crest of “El Cerro de Chipinque” in the Sierra Madre Mountains in Nuevo Leon, Mexico.

It’s quite modern and boxy, with gardens and pools and vistas beyond imagination, with fountains and waterfalls. The interiors are flooded with light, from windows and walls of glass that open to make the inside spaces one with the outside spaces.

It looks like a hike from the driveway to the house, but once you get there, you can relax in luxury and views.

 Click to emBIGGERate

Just A Thought

Monday, January 15, 2018

ISBL Asshat of the Week: Republican, and Racist Supporter, Jim Rennaci

Jim Renacci, a Republican Congressman from Ohio is trying to move on up to the Senate and clearly thinks the way to win is to stand by the Racist-In-chief over those recent “shithole” comments.

Appearing on Fox last week, Renacci said we should judge the Fat Bastard on “what he says” because, as Renacci said:
“Well, look, I’ve said all along, the president many times says what people are thinking.”
Renacci, a businessman, says he learned a long time ago that you must be careful what you say “because people pick everything up.” But he says that _____, also a businessman, hasn’t yet learned that lesson and that’s what makes him great.

What the fuck? Renacci watches what he says because he’s a businessman but _____, a businessman who says whatever he wants is great? The Mama Grizzly Bore™ would be green with envy over that Word Salad!
“It’s difficult, and I know it’s difficult for the president, because many times you want to say what you’re thinking, but in the end, I know a lot of times he’s saying what people are thinking.”
Hey Renacci, I think you’re a dumbfuck and if anyone thinks, as the so-called president does, that Africa, a continent, not a country, along with Haiti and Nicaragua, are shithole countries, then they, and you, are as racist as the Fat Bastard. But Renacci does go on …
“Look, I always say judge the president after four years. Let’s judge the president after what we’ve done. Let’s not judge the president on what he says.”
Give him four years to destroy this country, and then judge him? As Erika Jayne said on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion:
“Get the fuck outta here.”
But here’s where it gets all kiss ass, because Renacci stepped up to defend racism, just one day after he announced his run for the Senate … at the behest of the Racist-In-Chief. And Renacci has vowed that, if elected, he will defend Trump’s agenda at all costs.

Defend racism. Defend misogyny. Defend hate. Defend white supremacy. Defend deporting children.

Ohio? Is this what you want? A _____-ster representing you? Perhaps not, because while _____’s approval ratings are historically low, in Ohio 54% of the electorate disapproves of him, and, by association, goose-stepper racist fuckmonkey Jim Renacci… the ISBL Asshat of the Week.

Just A Thought